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Heartwood Gaming is a highly social, tight-knit adventuring guild. Our goal is to enjoy all of the content that World of Warcraft has to offer, including but not limited to roleplay, PvE activities, PvP, and game-wide events.

Heartwood as a whole got its start back in Guild Wars 2 in 2013. Some of our original core members still exist within our ranks. Over time we’ve spread out to a whole host of different games, including most recently New World where we were a force to be reckoned with on our server, Eupana. Unfortunately, due to eventual population concerns, we found that we needed to server transfer our company to Orofena which was the clear start of New World’s demise.

Over the past many months, we’ve switched to several different games, trying to find the missing piece to our puzzle and in the end, we decided that World of Warcraft was the best fit that encapsulated nearly everything our band of adventurers wanted out of a game.

We’ve decided to make our home on Moon Guard (MG), one of the most populated roleplay servers available. Our band of merry adventurers is currently working through new and old content in preparation for Dragonflight. We’re looking to expand our guild with new members to form mythic groups and raids. Are you the champion we’re looking for?

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