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April 10 - April 17

Noblegarden is a festive time of year during which players hunt and collect carefully hidden colorfully painted eggs, which contain goodies such as festive clothing or delicious chocolates! Noblegarden is a reference to the more commercial aspects of the holiday of Easter.

During Noblegarden, players can head out to starting towns and villages and hunt for Brightly Colored Egg which can be found hidden throughout the area. These eggs typically contain Noblegarden Chocolate, a currency used to purchase seasonal items, but players may get lucky and find a piece of gear from an assortment of seasonal equipment! Players might even uncover a fuzzy little friend!

Players also may acquire this holiday’s title, <Name> the Noble, by fulfilling all conditions of Noble Gardener during the event.

More information on Wowhead.

Click here for Wowhead’s Noblegarden guide!

April 10
April 17

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