Welcome to World of Warcraft!

As all of you know, we have been hopping pretty randomly from game to game since New World, trying to find our new niche as a group. We’ve been to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Red Dead Online, Lost Ark, ArcheAge, etc. and we have not yet found our place. That is, until now…

With the end of Shadowlands quickly approaching, it is time for a new home in an old-world: Azeroth and beyond!

Recently, as many of you know, we’ve decided to pick up World of Warcraft as a group! With Dragonflight coming up soon, our guild is running mythics, raids, and dungeons on a very regular basis (almost nightly) to gear up and prepare for the upcoming expansion. Many of us have been focusing on finishing up our renown with our covenants, obtaining flying in Shadowlands and in Zereth Mortis.

Another big addition to everything is that we’ve decided to rebrand from Keepers to Heartwood. The name Heartwood goes back to 2013 when we created our first guild in Guild Wars 2. We’ve held this name close to us since, and we’re happy to be using it again!

We should start to see an uptick in members shortly, as we begin recruiting this weekend for the first time in a long time.

If you’re interested in joining us, the following information will apply to you:

Server: Moon Guard

Faction: Alliance

Guild: Heartwood

You can reach out to @darbiirue, @athiss, @gendoom, or @valkyurie either through our website, in Discord, or in World of Warcraft. You can also hit “J” while in-game, do a search for “Heartwood,” and then apply to our guild in-game as well.

In addition to that, if you’re new to World of Warcraft or creating a new account, please let us know! We have plenty of people who would be happy to refer you and there are bonuses for both parties for doing so!

We’re looking forward to delving into World of Warcraft as a group and we hope you decide to join us!

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